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  • Mission

    APACE is an organization specialized in analyzing samples from clinical research to support new drug development and personalized therapy. With an insight into the future and a positive attitude towards changes, APACE is a leader in the development of medical science. In systematic cooperation and collaborative partnership with pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, APACE also contributes to keeping the community healthy.

  • Vision 2023

    A global-level organization specializing in the analysis of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic biomarkers.
    Acquisition of outstanding human resources with expertise and leadership skills
    Development of advanced analytical systems and acquisition of databases
    Formation of customer networks through reliable output and smooth communication
    Provision of strategic solutions for new clinical research by expanding the analytical service area
Core Values
Expertise : Expansion of professional expertise by strengthening analytical capabilities and continuous research and development
Reliability : Scientific and ethical practice in accordance to principles and compliance with commitments to clients
Communication : Creation of a smooth workflow through clear and effective communication based on mutual respect and understanding among employees
Cooperation : A collaborative alliance with clients as a partner for new drug development
Challenge : Creative thinking to derive new values and courage without fear of failure
Organization Chart
Areas of expertise
  • Research and consulting

    Early-phase clinical trial consultation

    Statistical analysis of clinicaltrials
    Randomization, Statistical analysis,
    Development of statistical analysis plan(SAP)/statistical analysis report(SAR)

    Development of assays of pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic markers

    Development of assays of immunogenic markers

  • Assay test

    Assay of concentrations of small molecule drugs contained in a bio-sample using the LC-MS/MS
    Quantitative Analysis

    Assay of concentrations and immunogenicity of large molecule drugs contained in a bio-sample using the LBA (Ligand Binding Assay)
    Quantitative Analysis
    Immunogenicity testing

  • Facilities and equipments

    LC-MS/MS System
    AB SCIEX API4000
    AB SCIEX TQ5500
    Waters Xevo TQ
    Agilent 6460

    Microplate Reader
    Molecular Devices M2e
    Molecular Devices VersaMax

  • A list of available assays
Latest updates on news about the APACE Inc.
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